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Framed art crafts

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Ракотворба во единечна рамка,АМАЈЛИЈА

This is a special group of objects, very close to jewelry, but with different kind of appliance. After the admission of Christianity, in these areas, numerous amulets appeared, that were worn on the neck. The most luxurious among them are constructed of two pieces. The front and back half are sealed and used to keep relics inside. It is decorated with relief of the Crucifixion of Christ, with mother of God, and St. John The Theologian, surrounded with floral elements. Product description: Double Framed Art Craft in Brass Dim.: 32x32(cm)


As an integral part of the clothing, most significant piece of the belt, are the buckles. Three elements are in play. Two, as they are separated subtly symbolize wings. The central part presents the unity, as a cradle of the secret of the buckle itself. And the secret, of the Macedonian buckles lies in the connecting. Once one understands it’s concept, one will comprehend the anatomy of the traditional understanding of coherency of deferent entities. Product description: Double Framed Art Craft in Brass Dim.: 43x30,5(cm)