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About us


Welcome to "AGENS", online catalog and website.

The successful story of a family business which lasts almost eight decades allows us to present ourselves through our production programme of art crafts and souvenirs inspired and dedicaded to the rich Macedonian history, culture and tradition.

The art crafts, presented on the portal are original, authentic, unique and hand made by a team of 45 full time employed highly motivated and capable individuals, and our products are being sold in Macedonia and in 12 other countries.

Besides art crafts and souvenirs, Agens adds production of plaques, awards, decorative children's programme Angelline, space and visual indoor and outdoor sign, and all kind of stamps in its production line.

The experience has thought us that the product quality is the most important part, and therefore we are constantly investing in our manufacture facilities which are spread out in a reproductive space of 1200m2 that includes a line for the production of wood and wooden products, production line for souvenirs from brass, aluminum and other metals, centrifugal casting line, electroplating line, painting and lacquering line, laser engraving marking and cutting line, assembly and packaging line, and many other accesories.

Since 2002, Agens had successfully implemented the quality control system, ISO 9001-2000, and later ISO 14001-2004. With this we guarantee that the products and services are liable on the regulated quality criteria.

The tradition of production in Agens has been complemented with latest technology and international experience, tendency towards innovations, creative spirit and passion for achieving superior quality.

We believe in building a sustainable partnership with our suppliers and business partners, and we are constantly strived to improve the quality of our products.

- Let the experienced Agens team open the way for you to create exceptional and unique items -