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As an integral part of the clothing, most significant piece of the belt, are the buckles. Three elements are in play. Two, as they are separated subtly symbolize wings. The central part presents the unity, as a cradle of the secret of the buckle itself. And the secret, of the Macedonian buckles lies in the connecting. Once one understands it’s concept, one will comprehend the anatomy of the traditional understanding of coherency of deferent entities. Product description: Double Framed Art Craft in Brass and Nickel Plated Brass Dim.: 43x30,5(cm)

BUTTERFLY, Macedonian traditional brooch, XIX c.

Inspired by a brooch made in the craft-filigree, in the early 1900s. and discovered in the 1950s. that is how the story of our butterfly begins. It already became undoubted possession of anybody that lived on this soil. The jewelry was worn for ornamentation, protection, to point out the privileged status. For all of this, has been created, the dazzling and simple beauty among the fragile wings. For all of this, with love, we create it, all over again, always. Product description: Double Framed Art Craft in Brass Dim.: 37x30(cm)

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King of Macedonia, conqueror of the Persian Empire, considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. He was son of Philip II and Olympia’s, the princess of neighboring Epirus. At age of 20, having come to the throne, after his father’s death, he led the Macedonian army, and conquered most of the known world. Macedonia become the largest empire from Europe to India. He ruled with great dominion, and did according to his will. Product description: Double Framed Art Craft in Brass Dim.: 42x35(cm)

Embossing Press 25 x 50 mm

Size of imprint: 25 x 50 mm

MEDALLION, Guriste, R. Macedonia - XIV c.

Decoration of costumes is an old tradition, especially at the front of the chest. This golden XIV ct. Medallion has been discovered at the Guriste archeological site – St. Nikole. This rare example with playful shape, is being connected with the figure of Maria Palaiologos, to whom it probably belonged. It has crossed gemstones – almandines and is being considered as a luxurious medieval jewelry. Product description: Framed Art Craft in Brass Dim.: 23x22(cm)


One of the most luxurious examples of goldsmiths artefacts for The Church are Panagias. Gold plays an important role in the Christian symbolism. It embodies a divine light, God’s glory, the sun and the truth. Gold’s glow symbolizes eternity, biblical paradise. The red color, as well as gold means divine light, the blood of Jesus Christ, a token of Resurrection and Immortality. Product description: Double Framed Art Craft in Brass Dim.: 37x30(cm)